Hi, I’m Atilla Denis.

I’m a Designer, Joiner, Techy, Keen photographer, Sailor & Diver amongst other things.

But let’s talk about that in a moment.

First, let’s talk about the reason for this site and it’s mish mash of content. Like many creatives, I find myself sitting on vast amounts of work and ideas. Some complete, some nowhere near and mostly everything in between. With the aim of making use of all this data I have decided to use this website as my outlet. It will act as my Portfolio and blog covering my past and future work, ideas and thoughts.

So, a few facts about me; London is my home, Nottingham Trent graduate of Interior Design & Architecture, Bench Joinery (Carpentry) graduate from the BCC (A Worshipful Company of Carpenters college), Also Fluent in Turkish, I Run a small joinery workshop in North London, I am a qualified Skipper and Diver, Knowledge of more computer programs than I have fingers and toes, My to see list of countries far outweighs my seen list and I’m only human (unfortunately)..